LIFE IS better together

WHAT ARE Small Groups?

A Small Group is a consistent small gathering of people who get together to hang out, have fun, and build friendships that are centered around Christ and his Church. We have all kinds of groups available from interest based groups, stage of life groups, and even ministry focused groups. We follow a semester based system using the natural flow of the calendar year with a longer spring/fall semester with a shorter summer one in between.



Church was meant to be experienced in the context of friendship and community. Life is better together and everything we experience, good or bad, is made better with friends to  go through it with. Our groups are designed to intentionally build lasting friendships that will help us discover and live out God's purpose for our lives.


Expect to be encouraged, welcomed as family & given the chance to try multiple groups until you find a good fit. We want our Small Groups to be life giving and fun, and allow our Small Group leaders to choose the structure that works best for the group of people God has brought them. You will find groups doing all kinds of things including game nights, prayer nights, sermon discussions, video curriculum, community engagement, and sometimes even taking vacations together.