Ukraine relief fund

Bringing HOPE & HELP to the people of Ukraine.

The unjustified war on the people of Ukraine has displaced millions of people from their homes and country. So far, your giving provided:

> leasing a 20,000 sq ft warehouse in Poland
> thousands of pounds of food and supplies
> opened freight lines of distribution to cities all over Ukraine
> purchased a new cargo van for speedy distribution of supplies to hard to reach places
> supplied churches with materials to convert their buildings into safe havens for the displaced
> 60 units of protective body armor for those transporting essentials in Ukraine

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Other ways you can help the people of Ukraine:

Construction Missions Trip. We are sending a team to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland by renovating a large warehouse to create living quarters for families who are settling in to their new life in Poland. These teams will be installing flooring, painting, plumbing & other light construction work. If you would like to know more, let us know by signing up below!

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Directly impact refugees coming to our community:

With a large number of refugees coming to the Springfield area, with little or nothing at all, we want to help! You can visit the Amazon shopping cart below and select items you would like to purchase and bless those families with.

When checking out, you can send items directly to Connect Church by filling in the following information:

Connect Church
c/o Refugee Supplies
Address: 3536 E Sunshine Street Suite 142
Springfield, MO 65809

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Our Missions Partners:

Convoy of Hope is a trusted and established partner with years of experience feeding and providing sustaining supplies to those in need. Convoy are experts in obtaining and distributing needed supplies in the midst of disasters.

Builders International is a passionate community of donors and volunteers invested in building schools and churches around the world where people find hope.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will teams be going to help on the ground?
A: Yes, but not right now. Currently there are lots of volunteers from Poland. Many are refugees from Ukraine who are pitching in to help their own people. This takes care of the immediate need to distribute the supplies and help those in need. We will be sending key leaders from our team over the weeks and months to come as we continue to develop our response. At some point there will be access to Ukraine and there will be lots of opportunities for teams to go and supply support and help as Ukrainians begin to rebuild their lives and country. At that point we will provide trips to bring help in person. Right now it would cost about $2500 to travel to Poland for 1 week. That amount could provide lots of supplies for many people affected by this war. We want to provide the most amount of help we can to as many people as possible. Your donations make a huge difference in this effort.

Q: How are we bringing Hope and Help?
A: Practically we are actively providing supplies for refugees coming from Ukraine into Poland. Meals, hygiene kits and basic supplies are just some of the items we are distributing in conjunction with our partner Convoy of Hope. We are also working with our established church partners in Ukraine to distribute supplies as we can get things to them. Ultimately we want to elevate the local church and as they distribute supplies we know that the love of Jesus is being shared as well.

Q: Can you accept donations of supplies?
A: We are not currently accepting physical donations of supplies. Our friends at Convoy of Hope are more set up to do this and you are welcome to contact them directly. We would like to make you aware of a few things that pertain to this. Convoy really only accepts full pallets of donations and there is a list of approved supplies that they accept. As you can imagine there are lots of regulations on what they can receive and there are even more rules and regulations of what they can send to foreign countries. For instance Poland only accepts food donations that are non-gmo. They will not even accept donations that have GMO’s in them. This is just one of the many regulations that Convoy has to abide by. Thats why monetary donations are best and allow all of us to respond quickly and efficiently to this effort.