XO Marriage Class Part 2

October 8, 2023

This class is designed to further strengthen and equip your relationship with practical skills and insights.

With experienced mentors who genuinely care about nurturing healthy marriages, XO Part 2 provides an environment for couples to further explore and deepen important aspects of their relationship at all stages.

Throughout the class, you will engage in meaningful discussions and interactive exercises that focus on advanced communication techniques, deeper conflict resolution strategies, navigating complex challenges with grace, and discovering new ways to nurture love and connection.

Whether you have recently completed XO Part 1 or are new to the class, XO Part 2 offers an opportunity for growth and investment in your relationship.

Class details: Cost $10.00 per person

Time: 10:30am every Sunday of October starting October 8th

Location: Mtg Room 3 (upstairs)

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